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The Airframe

The composite structure of the airframe is the central element holding together all other subassemblies. It consists of 10 main parts only and is manufactured in a single process.

new generation kit helicopter

The Cockpit

neo offers ample cabin volume for pilot and passenger. Enjoy the comfortable seating and the great visibility.

The Instrument Panel

Easy handling starts with the instruments. Therefore we have restricted their number to the neccessary which also keeps the panel sleek and ensures good visibility.

The Seats

Contoured seats support pilot and passenger for maximum comfort. Tiltable backrests open the access to the baggage compartment. In this way also bulky loads can be carried.

The Baggage Compartment

neo also features an extremely spacious baggage compartment, which is unique in the light-helicopter class. It is located in the center of gravity and holds 400 liters (more than 100 gal).

The 3-Blade Rotor

neo is a pilot´s dream. Its ease of handling, directly attributable to the responsive rotor system and the high power to weight ratio, is outstanding. The multi-blade rotor with its low blade loading improves operational safety even more. Don’t worry about low-G conditions and early rotor stall any more. The blades are foldable for hangaring and transport.

Total Control

With neo flying is fun. It is a whole new way to fly. With the JCS anti-torque system, pilots have a reduced workload. Tail rotor strikes are a thing of the past. And JCS reduces perceived noise significantly compared to rotorcraft with conventional tailrotors. A tailrotor stall can not occur. For transport the tail can easily be detached without disassembling a drive shaft. neo features a central cyclic stick which allows easy entry and exit.

NEO powered by NEOSIS

neo is powered by neosis, a liquid-cooled 180 HP rotary engine. neosis features a very compact design and smooth operation. neosis has a fuel injection and runs on unleaded automotive fuel. It is controled by a single lever.

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