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With NEO a new generation of kit helicopters starts. We have designed NEO equally for pilots, passengers and builders. NEO is the result of a forward-looking design philosophy and it embodies the synthesis of modern helicopter technology and exciting styling.

- the new kit helicopter prototype

You think you touch it.
But it is the other way round!

Clear surfaces, unmistakable design. The streamlined body expresses energy and harmony. And this exterior design is followed by the interior architecture. Never before flying a helicopter was such a sensual experience. Look forward to the unique fusion of dynamism and elegance.

The ideal connection not always is a straight line.

The development priorities of NEO are:

  • high value in everyday use due to versatility and ruggedness
  • high performance, safe flight characteristics and easy handling
  • affordable kit and low operational costs
  • no special skills required for the assembly process

Never before you had the impression to experience the airspace so directly. Thanks to the high control response of the three blade rotor system neo provides maximum fun while manouvering with agility and smoothness even through steep curves.

is a real helicopter


Smart Concept

NEO features a modular kit design. The systems and components are highly integrated reducing complexity and parts count. This simplifies assembly and maintenance and makes neo even more reliable and cost-effective.

neo utilizes the most advanced technologies available today. Fuselage and rotor blades are composite components being strong and highly resistant to fatigue. They form the basis for this sleek, aerodynamic rotorcraft. With its powerful engine neo flies with exceptional speed, agility and endurance. The neosis rotary-engine is supplied by a well-known car manufacturer which mass-produces this type of engine since many decades.